Get In Touch With Silk

Recently I have begun investigation of the silk framework from Microsoft to build exciting HTML5 based websites. Silk comes from the Microsoft patterns and practices group and provides an interesting reference implementation to follow to build a modern web application.
Silk’s main selling points are the following:

Creating modern web applications.
A modern web application must be:

  • Immersive
  • Responsive
  • Contains a feature set
  • Desktop client-like

However the web poses many challenges. Consistently developers must rethink the way they approach these ever growing challenges.

Specifically, developers must understand these challenges:

  • Page Layout and Navigation Style
  • Support of Browser Standards (mobile or desktop web)
  • Progress Enhancement vs. Graceful Degradation
  • Client vs Server Organization (work load more on server or more on client)
  • Designer Developer Workflow
  • Testing & Debugging

Silk is a reference implementation that shows how handle this with the Mileage Stats web app that is used to track mileage, fuel consumption and service reminders.
It utilizes a single-page UI approach and implements RESTful data services that are built using the Entity Framework Code First approach.

The downsides to Silk is it is not a complete app. This set aside it should help a development team design and architect a real world web solution.

To get more in touch with Silk, please check it out on Codeplex at


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