From Qt to Web

I have had the opportunity to work with the Qt framework this past year at a client.
I have learned a lot and found it to be one of the best C++/UI frameworks to do cross-platform development with. 
I want to spread the news about Qt and have started a Qt developer group here in Chicago. Our goal will be to expand our knowledge in the Qt, QML and Qt Quick frameworks.  Going forward I will be investing my time into HTML5 and Qt Webkit. This is the future for Qt and HTML5 will be bringing us the next generation of UI.

I hope Qt will remain strong, but the web has really taken a hit on desktop UI development. More and more forms based applications are being moved to the web (easier to maintain, more platforms) and more startups are using web technologies over traditional thick desktop clients. And the break from Silverlight to HTML5 is ever so apparent…we must embrace JavaScript and HTML5

As technology and client demands changes, I will be taking a lessor role in Qt and focusing my career transition to web dev. I have started out with Web Forms and MVC 4 JSON and jQuery for starters. There is a lot to learn and this is a huge change in direction for my career, but is needed given the change in dynamics for consulting. In the end the web is the most interesting and hottest areas of technology to be working in. I hope my expertise in all will be a tremendous benefit to the clients I work with in the future.


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