Getting Qyoto set up on your Linux Box

Getting setup on Linux: (Ubuntu)

Step 1: Ensure g++  compiler is installed on your computer.
If not sure, open a terminal and try g++. If command isn’t found, you need to get it.
simply sudo apt-get install  g++

Next get cmake: (Used version 2.8)
sudo apt-get install cmake

Step 3: Get Mono and MonoDevelop installed

sudo apt-get install monocomplete

sudo apt-get install monodevelop

Step 4: Download and install the QScintella library for Linux.
You will need to untar this and follow the install structures. I had to compile the source code to be able to create the libs. Instructions for compiling and installing are included in the download.

Step 5: Pick up the phonon libraries.

sudo apt-get install phonon

Step 6: Install Qt if not already installed This can be downloaded directly from Qt Website.

Step 7: Install the qtsmoke-dev lib

sudo apt-get install qtsmoke-dev

Step 8: Install qyoto

git qyoto
cmake CMakeLists
sudo make install

Step 9

Open up MonoDevelop and reference the qyoto libs in your C# project.

Step 10: Hack: J

Reference Link:


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