MVVM Talk in Indianapolis (Thought I’d pass along to those who live in Indy)

Hi Guys,
Those that live in Indianapolis thought this be a great talk to go see.

* Group: IndyNDA: Indianapolis .NET Developers Association
* Subject: IndyNDA on Thursday, July 14: M-V-V-M for WPF

Implementing M-V-VM (Model-View-View Model) for WPF

Categories: Architecture/Patterns; Windows Presentation Foundation

Now you are writing WPF applications, and wondering – what is all this code in the code behind? Shouldn’t we be doing something different? Our cousins working with ASP.NET MVC don’t even have a code behind! The answer is YES – you should indeed be doing it differently. The M-V-VM pattern is the WPF adaptation of the Presentation Model pattern (first documented by Martin Fowler). I will show how the M-V-VM pattern is utilized for building SOLID WPF applications that are also testable.

About Phil Japiske
An international speaker, Microsoft MVP, and a passionate member of the developer community, Phil Japikse has been working with .Net since the first betas, developing software for over 20 years, and heavily involved in the agile community since 2005. Phil works as the Patterns and Practices Evangelist for Telerik (, serves as the Lead Director for the Cincinnati .Net User’s Group and the Cincinnati Software Architect Group, as well as founder and president of Agile Conferences, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to advancing agile in all aspects of software development. In his spare time, Phil works part-time as a Firefighter/Paramedic, serves as Cub Master for his son’s Cub Scout Pack, and volunteers for the National Ski Patrol. You can follow Phil on twitter and read his blog at

5:30 Registration
6:00 Industry insights
6:15 Phil Japikse on M-V-V-M
7:30 Prizes
7:40 SIGs

9800 Association Circle
(North of 96th Street using Bauer Drive)

Details at http:://


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