Merry Christmas

Hi all,

I just got home for the holidays to see my family. First a Merry Christmas to all my friends, family and fellow blog readers.

I have been so busy opening presents and enjoying family with relatives and loved ones. Today my family and I trekked out to Erie PA to see loved ones. My grandmother who is 84 is doing fine, but seems quite lonely. We surprised her with many nice presents and she was so grateful for the new Columbia jacket we had given her.

My grandfather was also doing well. He had recently gotten new dentures and was adjusting to them.

Later today I started working on my plans to move to Chicago from Indianapolis since I had accepted a job offer from Motorola to work as Software Engineer. I really am excited to work for Motorola and hope to make a positive impact in their products.

I also today was catching up on several articles from Spectrum, the news magazine of IEEE. The one article I found quite interesting was the article about the memrisistor. This took 25 years to develop at HP labs and the future of this technology could allow for example the opportunity to take out your battery while it is not plugged into to swap it for a new one. This technology could be that of the transistor as it defies Moore’s law. Overall, really interesting stuff.

Oh well its getting late here and I need to get up early to do some shopping for my apartment in Chicago.

All the best


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